Ainslie & Brad

We were so glad we picked Sue! We met twice before the rehearsal at a time that was convenient for us! Between the meetings and the wedding she sent us a questionnaire based on our relationship which she then turned into our love story, this made us both laugh and cry! She also sent us many love poems which we then picked two for our family members to read which made the search for poems stress free. Sue allowed us plenty of time to write our vows and gave us constructive feedback whilst allowing us to maintain our ideas. Sue also sent us a copy of exactly what she was going to read at the ceremony so there were no hidden secrets! Sue is very professional and punctual, she arrived early to the rehearsal the night before and encouraged us to run through the rehearsal twice which gave us piece of mind and was fun to work with the bridal party before the big day. On the day Sue made it very fun whilst being professional. We really appreciate the small touches such as the printed vows to read off and the stepping off to the side for our first kiss to ensure that we could share the moment just the two of us!! Sue took all of our requests seriously and followed through with them! We appreciate everything Sue did and we would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to get married!!!